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Ready. Set. Rejoice!

Oh Hi CBD infused sparkling seltzers are here.

They are available in four great flavors; Grapefruit, Pomegranate, Lemon Lime, and Ginger Basil Limeade. Oh Hi CBD seltzers are sold in twelve-ounce cans, each with 15 milligrams of fast-acting flavorless CBD isolate. A tremendously convenient way to get your daily dose of CBD - Hurray! These bubbly CBD infused beverages have the right amount of flavor to rev your soul and ease your woes. Light, crisp, refreshing, Oh Hi CBD Infused Seltzers are ready for your every-occasion.

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Caliper CBD LogoOur CBD Drinks are made with fast acting Caliper CBD - all the goodness without any odd flavors! Real Cane SugarThe tiny bit of sugar we use is real cane sugar, nothing artificial No Artifical FlavorsWe don't use artificial flavors at home, so we don't put them in our drinks, either. No THCWhile this might be sad news for some, our CBD Seltzers contain absolutely no THC. OhHi Uses no GMO IngredientsGMOs? No way, we use only natural ingredients. Vegan CBD SeltzerOur CBD Seltzers contain no animal products whatsoever. Gluten Free CBD SeltzerOur CBD Seltzers contain no gluten.
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CBD Seltzer cans in snow
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Oh Hi was forged through the collective passion of our owner's hard work to create, test, and deliver on this amazing CBD infused seltzer. We have the mindset our product plays a role in the daily regimen of health and wellness that adds balance to our lives. *

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