Oh Hi THC Seltzer
No April Fools or Slappy Oscar Memes, just 1 sweet deal!
Date posted: April 01, 2022

Nailing an April Fools joke is kinda like crushing a dad-joke to a pack of ‘tweens or rocking an undersized, floral-print romper at church. It takes guts and a pretty special kinda person to pull it off. That ain’t us. So we’re passing on any April Fools shenanigans.

And while dropping some kind of meme about ‘the incident at the Oscars’ might make sense, we’ll leave the low hanging fruit of Hollywood fodder for someone else. You do your clichė celebrity thing, we’re just gonna pass on that overplayed hand too.

Instead of stank pranks and soft right hands we’re just going to drop in a sweet deal, hit send, get out and enjoy the changing seasons, and crush some of our products when we get back. We recommend you join us.

Here’s an offer that comes without a punchline, or punch for that matter. Use the code nojokenojab before Monday morning and save 30% off your next order.

Be well,

-Team Oh Hi


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