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Halloween Fun Facts with Oh Hi Beverages!
Date posted: October 16, 2020


Grab an Oh Hi Seltzer, it’s time for all the hocus pocus!

We all know the Holidays are wonderful and full of activities. But this year, we think it’s safe to say that COVID knocked out all our expectations…so sit back, relax, and sip an Oh Hi! Let your biggest stress be choosing which sweet aroma to make the house smell like today, and how many seltzers you have left in the fridge, ya?

Halloween Fun Facts:

Did you know this Holiday goes back more than 2000 years?

Halloween all started as a pre-Christian Celtic festival called Samhain (which means "summer's end") typically around the first of November. It celebrated the final day of the harvest and the crossing of spirits over into the other world. People in Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Northern France would ward off ghosts by lighting sacrificial bonfires, and, you guessed it, wearing costumes.

Back then, trick-or treating was known as “guising” in Scotland and Ireland. Young people would dress up in costumes and ask for food or money in exchange for songs, poems, or other “tricks”.

This year we will have a full moon on Halloween!

This is the first year in 19 years that we will see a full moon on the night of Halloween!

This is not only a full moon, but what’s called a “Blue Moon”. Since we will see a full moon on October 1st, the second full moon of the month will be called a blue moon, which we will see on October 31st.

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