Oh Hi THC Seltzer
Oh Hi Budtender's Reserve - The Whole Series
Date posted: April 29, 2021

The Complete Budtender's Reserve Series is here!

All flavors of the Budtender's Reserve Series beverages are now available on select Colorado recreational dispensary shelves!

This beverage series is completed with 5 different fruit-inspired punches all containing 100mg of fast-acting, water-soluble THC. All Oh Hi Beverages are made with Ripple THC, providing a high bioavailability, are proven to show effects in up to 15 minutes, and are made for experienced cannabis connoisseurs.

Two of the beverages within the series, Tropical Thunder and Sucker Punch, both have hydrating electrolytes and 140mg of caffeine. These two infused energy drinks are suited for daily functional cannabis consumers.

Check out our store locator to see dispensaries near you that carry our products -- but make sure you call or ask your local Budtender if the BTR Series is available yet!


Get the scoop on our flavors! 

Tropical Thunder Energy Drink | 100mg THC & 140mg Caffeine | Smooth punch, with hints of the tropics. Fuel your day with tropical vibes, and super-high's. This smooth, high-voltage, tropical zing will keep you thunderstruck. Tropical Thunder is a truly functional beverage with hydrating electrolytes and 140mgs caffeine to keep your active lifestyle elevated. Energy is key to a day of success for a functional frequent flyer.


Sucker Punch Energy Drink | 100mg THC & 140mg Caffeine | A Berry flavorful elixir. Get your dukes up with 140 mg of caffeine and hydrating electrolytes. Our dark berry punch will hit you hard and leave you asking for more. When life has you up against the ropes, this heavy hitter will help you keep your chin up.


High Tea | 100mg THC | Refreshing sweet lemon tea. A classic taste with a twist of lemon and a dose of iced tea. This beverage is on par and a perfect companion on your porch or in your camp chair. Keeping you refreshed while hitting the green, this bottled beverage will serve you well.


Grateful Grape | 100mg THC | The grape flavor you remember. Reminisce on your youth with the unforgettable flavor of purple. A liquid miracle that keeps you strolling through your day like the Do Dah man. If you get confused...just let the music play.


Orange Sunshine | 100mg THC | A charming orange delight. In the tradition of an orange sherbet, you will enjoy the feeling of warm, easy rays of sunshine pouring over you. This creamy beverage pairs well for basking in the sun, or for your next trip.


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Colorado rec dispensaries can order via LeafLink or by emailing brad@ohhibev.com.