Oh Hi THC Seltzer
Oh Hi’s New Cannabis Beverage Series is Coming Soon
Date posted: November 09, 2020

We’ve got some sweet news!

We are stoked to announce we will have two of the five flavors of our new 100mg beverage in Colorado recreational dispensaries in the coming months. This beverage is one you have all been waiting for!

This consumable is for experienced cannabis connoisseurs and is made with Stillwater water-soluble Ripple THC for maximum effect. Our new high-dosage beverage line will be called Budtender’s Reserve, the perfect drinkable to compliment our cannabis seltzers and serve our dedicated budtender community. With high bioavailability and a fast absorption rate, our Oh Hi beverages have reliable and consistent dosing to ensure you have an accurate way to gauge your tolerance levels and choose the optimal number of servings for you.

Stay tuned for the release of our 100mg cannabis beverage and where you can get it. Note that we will offer our product in a limited number of dispensaries for the first few months, so don’t miss out!

Read more coverage about our new product HERE.

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