Oh Hi THC Seltzer
What makes Oh Hi CBD better!
Date posted: February 18, 2021

Do you want quality, clean, true-to-the-label CBD products? -- Choose our Oh Hi CBD infused Sparkling Seltzers!

There is a myriad of testimonies and claims that CBD can offer a variety of benefits to help you get through your day-to-day routine much easier. But what is CBD? Cannabidiol or CBD is the most common cannabinoid found in hemp and unlike THC, CBD is non-intoxicating so you can enjoy the benefits throughout your daily activities. As people seek natural ways of wellness and healthier daily lifestyle habits...we thought, what better way to support than to incorporate quality CBD into products we use daily? 

Our Oh Hi Seltzer beverages are made with fast-acting CBD, backed by science for maximum effects. We choose to use Caliper’s water-soluble CBD isolate in our products. Caliper has taken the initiative to complete a pilot clinical study of the pharmacokinetics of their CBD powder through Colorado State University. This trial offers evidence that Caliper CBD has up to 650% higher bioavailability than oil-based CBD infused products on the market. Furthermore, they are continuing in that research by currently conducting the first-ever human clinical trial!

Because CBD is not regulated by the FDA, it is hard to assure that you are getting true quality products that contain what is actually stated on the label. We at Oh Hi Beverages want to provide products that gain your trust and make your life better. To do that, we use the only clinically studied CBD on the market, but we also get our finished product tested to assure there was no degradation in the production process. Thus, we can provide you with the highest-quality, clean, tested CBD beverages...as promised on our labels.

Aside from how effective our beverages are, they are the perfect low-calorie, low-sugar refreshments to compliment all parts of your day. Our CBD seltzers come in four delicious flavors, and are available for purchase online or find in local stores near you

CBD is not for everyone, and it can affect each of us in a different way. If you are ever concerned about the health risks of using CBD, please ask your doctor. If you would like advice about CBD, stop by your local dispensary, or give one a call!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.