Oh Hi THC Seltzer
Skydiving With Budtenders and Oh Hi Beverages!
Date posted: October 07, 2020

It’s not a rumor…

We got our top repping budtenders HIGH IN THE SKY this year!

We are thankful for all the hard-working budtenders who keep this industry rocking and rolling, that we decided to think out of the box and find an unforgettable reward! What better thrill than SKYDIVING!?

Oh Hi Beverages are a perfect way to enhance your favorite hobbies and activities. With small doses of THC seltzer, you can enjoy your day to day activities while indulging in a tasty refreshing beverage!

Shout out to Skydive Moab for creating an amazing experience for our Southwest Colorado jumpers! We can’t wait to do it again with our Front Range Colorado team in the following weeks. Stay tuned!

Props to all of our winning budtenders for being fearless and stoked to jump with the Oh Hi crew, check it out in our amazing PROMO VIDEO!